About Us

Mission of DFW Clay Target Sports

A public shooting range for all shotgun sports including trap, skeet and sporting clays. It is a safe and fun facility focused on supporting the youth and the future of youth shooting sports.  It is the official home of the Youth Target Foundation and welcomes all youth.

Hours of operation

Starting Nov.5th-March 12 

Monday - Friday:  12pm - 6pm

Will open at 10am for groups of 4 or more- call or email for reservations

24 hours in advance 940-230-1033 or info@dfwclaytargetsports.com

Saturday & Sunday:  9am-6pm




American trap consists of targets that fly approximately 35-45 mph and the athlete moves through five stations.


Is shot from eight different stations with a variety of single and double targets. Although the targets are thrown from a consistent point placed on the left and right side of the field, the challenge increases while the athlete moves from eight different stations and positions.

Sporting Clays

Is a hunting simulated clay target game typically shot from 12 different stations. Sporting clays is often referred to as “golf with a shotgun” as the athlete travels station-to-station at different courses all over the world. The targets may be thrown from any angle or distance, at various speeds, and different shapes and sizes to best simulate action in the field.



Adult: trap and skeet - .30 cents a target (Round of 25 = $7.50)
Sporting clays - .40 cents a target (50 Targets = $20)


Youth Target Foundation athletes (must have current membership to receive discount):

Trap and skeet - .20 cents a target
Sporting clays - .30 cents a target


You can sign up for a YTF membership at www.youthtargetfoundation.org

Military discount and first responders:

Trap and skeet - .25 cents a target (Round of 25 = $6.25)
Sporting clays - .35 cents a target (50 targets = $17.50)


Classes Section:

  • Corporate events- Sporting Clays is the top corporate or office event in DFW Area
  • Charity events – Sporting Clays is the new “Golf” – The perfect way to raise money for your charity!
  • Clinics – top educational clinics for trap, skeet and sporting clays
  • Leagues- summer, spring and fall leagues for trap, skeet and sporting clays
  • Fun shoots- Ready to make some $$$? Come to our fun shoots!
  • Group Events- Events for any occasion!