What is your pricing?



Trap and skeet - .34 cents a target (Round of 25 = $8.50)
Sporting clays - .44 cents a target (50 Targets = $22)

Military discount and first responders:

Trap and skeet - .28 cents a target (Round of 25 = $7.00)
Sporting clays - .39 cents a target (50 targets = $19.50)

What are your hours of operation?







Sunday 12-6pm

Our hours are seasonal, please check back in the fall.  Please check our home page or our facebook for weather closings daily.  Please be aware that the range will close if lightening or storms occur during the day, per managements discretion.

Is there a required dress code?

We recommend that you wear closed toed shoes and sleeved shirts for our outdoor terrain. We also advise that you have a vest or pouch to shoot with for safety purposes. Some pouches will be available for rent.

Where can I find information about youth shooting and teams?

You can find this information at

Do you have shotguns available for rent or ammunition for sale?

Yes! We have 12 and 20 gauge ammo and guns available.

What do I need to bring?

12 and 20 gauge shotguns are the most common shotguns, however any gauge smaller than 12 are allowed. Sawed off shotguns are not allowed on this range. We have 12 and 20 gauge guns available to rent. In regards to ammunition, 7.5, 8, and 9 shot ammunition are allowed but nothing larger than 7.5 can be shot at this range. Ear and eye protection is also mandatory at all times on the range. If you do not have your own, they are also available for purchase here. We will have water and soda available for purchase, as well as dry snacks (packages of chips, crackers, and cookies).

What are your range rules?

At DFW Clay Target Sports (DFW CTS), we go to great lengths to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our members and guests. In order to maintain our stringent levels of safety, we ask that all of our members and guests observe the following rules and regulations.

  • Treat every gun as if it is always loaded.
  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Keep finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Ready to shoot means standing in the shooting stand, station or position, one shooter at a time.

No shooting except in designated stations and fields.

  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed on our range at any time.
  • Guns should be unloaded anytime they are not being used. Guns on "safe" do not count as being unloaded, they are loaded and must be unloaded unless they are getting ready to be shot in the correct shooters position.
  • Keep the firearm(s) unloaded until you are ready to shoot. Actions should be open and visibly clear.
  • Know how your firearm(s) operates. If unfamiliar then ask for help to learn how it operates.
  • Know your ammunition. Shotguns, only 7½, 8, 9 shot can be used.
  • Make sure you have read and understand range rules before entering range.
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory before entering any part of any course.
  • Never cross the firing line and/or go down range for any reason.
  • If there is a problem down range or with a clay target machine, call the RSO or DFW CTS staff and wait for further instructions.
  • Please do not shoot at or around trap houses, skeet houses or clay target machines.
  • Always unload firearms before changing shooters.

Never load more than 2 shells at a time.
Do not rest the muzzle of the gun on your foot or point the gun at any part of your body.

  • Never hand a loaded firearm to someone for any reason.
  • If a CEASE FIRE is called by anyone for any reason take your finger off the trigger, unload the firearm and wait for instructions from the RSO.
  • Anyone can call a CEASE FIRE. If you see anything unsafe, call the CEASE FIRE and wait for instructions from the RSO
  • If you are pregnant you need to check with your doctor for clearance before participating or entering the shooting area. DFW CTS highly advises against any shooting during pregnancy.
  • Whenever you prepare to leave the shooting position, firearms should be unloaded with the action open and facing up for easy visual inspection.
  • YOU are financially responsible for all damages that you cause to the range and its equipment.

DFW CTS is not responsible for any damage you cause to anyone else’s equipment.

Please keep your firearms in a safe case while driving around the facility.

Please remember that DFW CTS has trained instructors that can help you improve your shooting skills.

Where are you located?

We are located at 13055 Cleveland-Gibbs Rd., Northlake, TX 76262. When you arrive, you will go through two stop signs and over a cattle guard to get to the range.

Are there hotels and other things to do near the range?

Yes! You can find a list of hotels and things to do here: http://www.youthtargetfoundation.org/Site/Team-Central/2017-YTF-Texas-State-Championship

Do you have leagues affiliated with the range?

Yes! We have leagues in the spring, summer, and fall. Contact us at info@dfwclaytargetsports.com or call us at (940) 230-1033 for more information.



DFWSignUpSheetLeague  Download this form and email it in, or bring it in.

Are lessons available?

Yes! Contact us at info@dfwclaytargetsports.com or call us at (940) 230-1033 for more information regarding the availability of lessons.

Can I host an event at your range?

Yes! We have corporate, charity, and individual event packages. To schedule or find more information, contact us at info@dfwclaytargetsports.com or call us at (940) 230-1033.

Are there golf carts available to rent?

Yes! We have golf carts available for a minimal fee.

Can I bring my own golf cart or all-terrain vehicle?


Can I bring my own clay targets?

There is no need; we provide targets at the range.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes, but they must be on a leash.

What is the age limit for youth on the range? Are children allowed on the range?

Yes, all children are allowed to be on the range.  They must also have ear and eye protection at all times while on the range.  Minimum age of 9 years for participation is recommended.  Range management is permitted to discuss or override minimum age.  Youth must be capable of safely handing a 28 or 20 gauge shotgun and mature enough to understand all safety rules.  All youth shooters must be accompanied by an adult. Please ask range management if you have specific questions about minimum age.  There is no age limit for shooters.

Can I shoot my rifle or pistol there?

No, we only have facilities for shotguns.

Can I reserve a field?

We allow YTF coaches to reserve fields for team practice.  They must call or email at least 24 hours in advance and have at least 5 athletes with them to reserve a field.  If they do not have 5 athletes then they will not be allowed to have an entire field to themselves, they may have to include other YTF shooters on their field (up to 5).  For example, if the team brings 3 shooters, then 2 more shooters may join you. Our goal is to maximize the teaching ability at this facility. Reservations are NEVER GUARANTEED- weather and other range conditions can cause for a shut down without notice. We will do our best to notify coaches with as much notice as possible.

Coaches are not allowed to reserve fields for more than 2 hours at a time.  They will need to rotate disciplines or fields. Coaches or athletes are not allowed to touch, load or move the machines, houses or any equipment. Call for help!

Coaches must follow all YTF rules or they can loose their ability to reserve fields. Be respectful. If they act up in any way they could loose this privilege, this is a management call.

General public may not reserve a field.

General public may reserve a portion of the facility for an event or party, please contact us for details- 940-230-1033

What size shotgun can I use?

A 12 gauge shotgun is the most common shotgun shot at the range.  Any shotgun that is smaller than a 12 gauge can also be shot at the range (i.e. 16 gauge, 20 gauge etc).  This range is built for sporting shotguns.  Barrel length must be longer than 18 inches, but barrels ranging from 24-32 inches will bring you the best experience.  No shot larger than 7.5, 8 or 9 and never load more than 2 shells at any time (no exceptions)!